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  • Lisa Swickard

The Knotted Romance of the Irish Celt

Celtic: /'keltik/ adjective

The Irish Celts, known for their ferocity as warriors were also envied for their artistry and for expressing themselves only through the spoken word.  An original example one of these art forms is the tradition of Irish Celtic knotwork dating back to  AD 450.

Pure Celtic knots are complete loops with no beginning or end. They symbolize the constant intertwining of the spiritual with the physical world and the endurance of the trinity: Life, Love and Faith.  Today,  Celtic motifs are treasured in all forms of wedding jewelry and gifts, believed to ensure a long lasting union for any Colleen and her "Boy".

For Hawkes Crystal, weaving a dance of interlacing spirals, intricate maze patterns and geometric Celtic motifs into brilliant crystal designs is a particular passion.

Creating a Celtic knotwork piece is a daunting challenge in design and execution for the artist.  Not for the faint of heart,  these patterns are successfully executed only through the skill and sheer determination of a Master Crystal Cutter and Designer.

So, as the holiday of  all-things-green  approaches we celebrate this Celtic art form  

and the larger-than-life, indomitable spirit of the Irish.  With a nod to our founder 

T.J. Hawkes and to Aidan J. Scully (both born of the County Cork region of the Emerald Isle), we wish you a little luck of the Irish.....and Erin go Bragh.

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