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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I upload a graphic for a custom piece, should the file be in a specific format? 

Black and White Ohio Flag.jpg

Great job! Not only is this image crisp and clean but its also in black and white. This is the perfect example of engraving ready artwork.

A: .JPG and .PNG files work well. However, if it is possible, the image should be sent to us in black and white. Often that can be obtained from your company or planner's graphic designer. If you do not have access to the original do not worry, we can convert most logos and graphics to black and white so they can be engraved.


Some graphics though, require extensive work and an extra graphic design fee will be added. If we receive such an image, we will  contact you and discuss whether or not extensive work needs done.


For example, a nice picture you took of a wedding invite on your phone, or an old logo scanned from a book. The typical fee for extra graphic design work is 25 dollars.

Ohio Flag.png

Looks good! This image isnt too blurry and has a simple background. This graphic will be no problem to turn black and white.

American flag bad.jpg

Unless you want this exact picture of the flag engraved on glass, this image will not convert easily. This is an example of a photo which would need a bit of graphic design in order for it to be turned into a black and white picture that is needed for engraving. 

Q: I have an antique Hawkes piece. Can you identify the pattern? Do you know the value?

A: Unfortunately we do not identify or value antique Hawkes pieces.


Hawkes Crystal re-opened in 2016 with a mission of modernizing cut crystal. While we occasionally bring back a popular design, we strive to create new pieces and designs that stay current with today yet honor the past.


While we can identify some of the old designs there are also some that require a vast knowledge of the many years of Hawkes products. Antique professionals may know the patterns and values, however.

A good source to help you identify and value your piece is the American Cut Glass Association. There you will find resources to help you find the information you are looking for, including many Hawkes pieces.

ACGA Logo with Name 350w.jpg

To go to the American Cut Glass Association website, please click the link below.

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