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Celebrate 2023 with our limited edition Christmas Ornament!

Introducing, "Four Calling Birds"

Welcome to the Hawkes Crystal Store! Listed below are a few of our specialties that we offer. If you do not see what you are looking for, please call or send us an email. Let us help you meet your needs, whether a gift or custom artwork for your home or business.

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Curious to learn how crystal cutting works? Click here to find out!


-Wedding party &   Shower gifts


-Client Gifts

 Events & Promotions


-Interior Design

-Customized &   Personalized Items

-Crystal & Glass Repair


Flashed Glass is the process in which a molten colored glass is layered onto clear glass then blown into a shape or pane. The colored glass can then be cut away to reveal the clear glass. Flashed glass used to be an inexpensive alternative to a solid color because it used less colored glass by simply covering the clear. Today it is the opposite as the techniques to make and cut flash glass are very laborious and technical.

Our Flashed glass ornament collection is truly a work of art! Each piece is cut out by hand then ground to shape. After the shaping, the patterns are cut into the glass. The cutter must work carefully as each piece is difficult to see through. The piece then heads to the polishing wheel where again, careful hands polish each cut.

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